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330 years ago, Tituba "confesses" to witch craft, after "being brought to question".....what do you think that really meant? March 1, 1692: Tituba confesses to “witchcraft” During her examination, Tituba confesses to witchcraft, confirming the worst fears of magistrates Jonathan Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin. Her confession was elaborate and detailed, in which she named Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne as witches, and detailed how she signed the Devil’s book. She told the magistrates there were at least seven other names in the book, which she could not read, suggesting that there were more witches out there. It was this confession and her dramatic testimony that convinced the people of Salem that this was not an isolated incident and that the Devil had invaded Salem: “[Hathorne]: Tituba what evil spirit have you familiarity with? [Tituba]: None [Hathorne]: Why do you hurt these children? [Tituba]: I do not hurt them [Hathorne]: Who is it then? [Tituba]: The devil for ought I know [Hathorne]: Did you never see the devil? [Tituba]: The devil came to me and bid me serve him [Hathorne]: Who have you seen? [Tituba]: Four women sometimes hurt the children [Hathorne]: Who were they? [Tituba]: Goody Osburn and Sarah Good and I doe not know who the other were Sarah Good and Osburne would have me hurt the children but I would not she further saith there was a tale man of Boston that she did see [Hathorne]: When did you see them? [Tituba]: Last night at Boston [Hathorne]: What did they say to you they said hurt the children? [Hathorne]: And did you hurt them? [Tituba]: No there is four women and one man they hurt the children and then lay all upon me and they tell me if I will not hurt the children they will hurt me [Hathorne]: But did you not hurt them? [Tituba]: Yes, but I will hurt them no more [Hathorne]: Are you not sorry you did hurt them? [Tituba]: Yes. “The epidemic of strange behaviors and accusations did not spread to other victims until after Tituba’s arrest and her several testimonies beginning on March 1. March 5, the conclusion of Tituba’s remarkable confession, marked a new chapter in the witchhunt episodes of New England…Tituba’s confession is the key to understanding why the events of 1692 took on such epic significance.”

February 29/March 1 On this day in history: February 29, 1692 (yes, it was a leap year in 1692!): Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne are arrested on charges of witchcraft. The Salem Witch Trials officially begin. “Perhaps the most notorious case of mass hysteria in colonial America, the Salem witch trials saw around 200 people accused of witchcraft, with 19 executed by hanging. Giles Corey was crushed to death for refusing to plead, while five others died in jail.” The incident began in February 1692 when a group of young girls, the Circle Girls, claimed to have been possessed by the devil and accused other women of being witches. Hysteria spread through colonial Massachusetts and a special court was convened to hear trials of those accused. Tituba was the first person to be accused by Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams of witchcraft. It has been theorized that Tituba told the girls tales of voodoo and witchcraft prior to the accusations. However, there is no proof of this claim. The following is a transcript from the original mittimus, or arrest warrant, charging the women with the crime of witchcraft: (Warrant for the Apprehension of Tituba and Sarah Osborne, and Officer's Return) [February 29, 1692] Salem febr' the 29'th day. 1691/2 Whereas m'rs [masters] Joseph Hutcheson Thomas Putnam Edward Putnam and Thomas Preston Yeomen of Salem Village, in the County of Essex. personally appeared before Us, And made Complaint on behalfe of Theire Majesties against. Sarah Osburne the wife of Alexa' Osburne of Salem Village afores'd, and titibe an Indian Woman servant, of mr Sam'l parris of s'd place also; for suspition of witchcraft, by them Committe'd and thereby much injury don to Elizabeth Parris Abigail Williams Anna Putnam and Elizabeth Hubert all of Salem Village afores'd sundry times with in this two moneths and Lately also done, at s'd Salem Village. Contrary to the peace and Laws of our Sov'r Lord & Lady W'm & Mary of England &c King & Queene You are there fore in theire Maj'ts names hereby required to apprehend and forthwith or as soon as may be bring before Us the aboves'd Sarah Osburne , and titibe Indian, at the house of L't Nath'l Ingersalls in s'd place. and if it may be by to Morrow aboute ten of the Clock in the morning then and there to be Examined Relateing to the aboves'd premises. You are likewise required to bring at the same tyme Eliz. parris Abig'l Williams Anna putnam and Eliz Hubert. or any other person or persons that can give Evedence in the aboves'd Case. and here of you are not to faile Dated Salem febr' 29 1691/2 *John Hathorne ] Assis'ts *Jonathan. Corwin ] Assis'ts To Constable Joseph Herrick Const' in Salem (Reverse) (Reverse) according to this warrant I have apprehended the persons with in mentioned and have brought them accordingly and have mad diligent sarch for Images and such like but can find non Salem village this 1. march 1691/92 per me *Joseph Herrick Constable ( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 33 ) By September public opinion turned against the trials and they eventually closed early in 1693. The cases became notorious and were interpreted by later generations as a warning sign against the dangers of religious fanaticism, isolation and lapses in due process. In 1711 the convictions of twenty-two people were reversed by the courts and their families were given monetary compensation.

It’s snowing again in Salem! Enjoy all of the Hocus Pocus filming locations covered in blankets of white. ❤️

On this day in history: Do you like cake? If so, you are going to love a witch cake! 330 years ago today, on February 25, 1692, Tituba and her husband John are instructed to bake the witch cake at the request of neighbor Mary Sibley. This was because Betty Parris, age 9, was under extreme duress. The local doctor diagnosed her as being “under the heavy hand of a witch”. Sibley believed she could help reveal the source of Betty’s afflictions. The cake was made with the afflicted girl’s urine and baked into a rye cake. The cake was then fed to the household dog, hoping it would reveal the name of whoever bewitched the girls. The dog was called a “familiar” of the devil, and would be bewitched by the urine inside the cake.. Regardless of good intentions, Samuel Parris denounced this act in church, calling it “going to the devil for help against the devil.” Sibley was suspended from communion, but eventually allowed back in to the church after her apology. However, Tituba was arrested. The events that follow - including arrests of Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne, helped to fuel the flame of fear....It was after Tituba confessed to being a witch, as she was being “brought to question” (tortured), that the witch hunt turns into a hysteria.. When it was all said and done, more than 250 people were arrested, 55 confessed to being “witches” and 19 were hanged along with one being pressed to death. For more bizarre ways of testing for witchcraft, click on the link below

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Just to give you an idea of how much snow Salem got….that’s me in front of the snow bank!

A few more shots from our historic blizzard yesterday. Salem got 24 inches of snow and a 24 hour period!