As we go into the final stretch of the strangest-most-challenging-crazy year of the Haunted Happenings season, this song keeps playing in my head. Thank you to everyone for being so amazing - especially my dedicated team of guides: April, Denise, Derek, Gina, Jon, Justine, Katie, Kelly, Mia, Mykaela, Paige, Ryan, Sean, Stacy, Vanessa and my admin Nick, working behind the scenes. You are all inspirational!

Per the Salem Chamber of Commerce: City of Salem Plan for a Safe Halloween In order to protect the health and well-being of residents, employees, and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Salem is implementing additional public safety protocols for this weekend, October 30th to November 1st. In addition to all Salem Haunted Happenings events being cancelled, which was announced in August, businesses are being asked to close early on October 23rd and October 24th. A Board of Health and Executive Order requiring early closures of businesses is anticipated for October 30th and October 31st. Visitors who are planning to come to Salem that weekend should postpone their visit to Salem. MBTA Train Service - The City has worked with the MBTA to curtail trains to Salem over the final weekend of October. MBTA commuter rail trains outbound from Boston will not stop at Salem station on October 30th between 7:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. or October 31st between 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Visit complete details and commuters should plan their travel accordingly. Parking Restrictions - All City parking garages and lots will close to entering traffic at noon on October 30th, October 31st, and November 1st. Salem residents with reserved parking spaces or who live downtown and any downtown business employee with proof of employment may enter and park in both City garages at any time at the regular parking rate and subject to available spaces. Exiting traffic will still be allowed. Business Closures - The City will order mandatory 8:00 p.m. closures of all downtown businesses for the weekend of October 30th and October 31st of retail, museums, attractions, walking tours, restaurants, and other businesses that are in the area designated on the map below. Further, the City anticipates that it may be necessary to close or restrict access to sections of the downtown, as necessary, throughout the day. Traffic Control Points - The Salem Police Department will implement a Traffic Control Plan in approximately 15 locations throughout the City to assist non-residents in exiting the area. Traffic Control Points will be established October 30th and 31st between noon and 8:00 p.m., or as circumstances may require. Police personnel will staff Traffic Control Points at each location to redirect vehicles and physical barricades will be in place to define closure at each location. Traffic Control Points will also have significant parking enforcement efforts, to further deter non-residents from parking in residential areas. These areas will be clearly marked. The Traffic Control Plan is subject to change based on actual traffic flow and congestion. Essex Street Pedestrian Mall - Salem Police will restrict pedestrian access to the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall should crowds reach a level that is considered unsafe pursuant to public health guidelines. Police may close the pedestrian mall entirely for periods of time to de-densify crowds, as deemed necessary. Halloween Night - All the customary Halloween night events in Salem have been cancelled, as was announced on August 4th. This includes all outdoor music stages and performances, beer gardens, and other activities, including the usual Halloween fireworks. There will be no events on Halloween night in Salem. Downtown businesses should close by 8:00 p.m. on Halloween night at the latest. Salem Police will close roads to through-traffic and pedestrians as circumstances warrant. Trick-or-Treating - Trick-or-treating is not a City event. The decision to trick-or-treat is one that individual families should make on their own. Those who choose to engage in trick-or-treating should comply with the public health guidance issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health: Residents who do not wish to give out candy can indicate that by keeping their outside light off for the evening. Residents of other communities should not trick-or-treat in Salem.

Dress warmly! ❄️

Good morning from Salem!

For anyone visiting Salem this coming weekend: please be aware the parking garages stop taking cars entering at 12 noon. You will not be able to enter the garage is after 12:00. Please plan accordingly. Also, the train from Boston will not be making any stops in Salem this weekend. People can take the train from Salem back to Boston, but it will not be letting off people coming to Salem. 

Had the *privilege* of taking my yoga instructor (and friend) Melissa and her friends on a completely private tour of Salem yesterday 🎃👻🔮 The Salty Buddha

52 tours between Friday and Sunday. I can’t thank my team enough...they are absolutely inspiring! In addition, today my company hit a huge milestone. As of October 18, this year’s sales have far *exceeded* sales for the entire 2019 year. I started this company on my own in 2014, just as a side job because I love sharing my passion for Salem....and now I have team of 15 amazing guides. I never dreamed this could happen. 🥰