I cannot even believe this! WBZ just called me to congratulate me on being the most booked experience in America! I had NO IDEA! They are interviewing me and filming my tour today.... I am blown away! https://www.boston.com/travel/travel/2021/09/22/mass-city-most-booked-experience-in-america-this-fall-tripadvisor/

Today is the darkest day in our history, September 22, 1692….join me at the Witch Trial Memorial to pay respect to the victims


Thanks for the shout out! 🪦 👻

Just a few photos from this past weekend….we really have so much fun with our guests! 👻 🎃🔮

Howard Street cemetery

Just a few photos from our Saturday afternoon tour ☀️

Walk with me on the Essex Street Pedestrian walking mall!

Did you know we offer private, custom tours? Tonight I has the *best* time on this bachelorette party tour! Congratulations 🎉